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Prom Suit Hire at DAPPER

Welcome to our PROM SUIT HIRE RENTAL page, where you can see various ideas for outfits suitable for your School Leaver’s Ball, College Leaver’s Ball or Prom.  DAPPER can supply something to suit all tastes, from traditional black tie outfits ( dinner suits, dj’s, tuxedos ) to very contemporary party wear to highland kilt outfits and more. Whilst we specialise in Prom Suit Hire and Rental, you can buy, rather than hire, if you prefer, and you can create your own combination of accessories (waistcoats, bow ties, cravats, scarves, canes, cuff links etc); perhaps a special choice to coordinate with the colours that your date will be wearing. Almost everything we stock here at DAPPER is available for you to hire or buy for your School Leaver’s Ball, College Leaver’s Ball or Prom.

Going to a Prom?

So how do you decide what to wear? 

Well, the first thing to do is to check if there’s an official “dress code” for the event. This can usually be found on the flyers, invitations or tickets. It might say “black tie”, or “formal” or “casual” or possibly other descriptions. Whatever it tells you, this is to make sure that, if you follow the dress code, you’ll feel entirely at ease with what you’re wearing and won’t feel out of place because you’ve chosen a different type of outfit to everyone else. If you’re not sure how to interpret the dress code, ask us! Here at DAPPER we’ve been supplying outfits for school proms and school and college leaver’s balls for many years, and, if we say so ourselves, we’re really rather good at it! 

If you have a look at our Prom Suit gallery (when you’ve finished reading this bit) you’ll see a number of pictures which will give you a taste of the sort of outfits which we can supply:

Firstly, there’s a range of Dinner Suits and Tuxedos if you want to dress in a more traditional and formal way. These come in different styles, such as single or double breasted. (Want to know what that means? Ask us!) They also come in conventional or more contemporary looks. They can all be individualised to fit your personality and mood by mixing and matching with colourful waistcoats, cravats or bow ties. 

The most formal of evening wear is called the “White Tie” or “Evening Tails” outfit. The tailcoat and trousers are usually worn with a white, wing collared shirt, matching white waistcoat and white bow tie. To finish it off you can also have a black top hat and a dress cane (but be careful not to put them down somewhere and lose them). 

The white Tuxedo (although it’s cream really) is a very smart looking jacket for the summer season and can look really cool teamed with black dress trousers and an elegant bow tie.
For a slightly different look, why not try a “Nehru” style jacket, such as our “Mirage”, (available in very limited numbers to keep them exclusive) in either  black or white and with matching or contrasting trousers. Put this with one of our new acid colour waistcoats and you’ll look absolutely stunning.

If you want to be really adventurous and you’re daring enough, our White Parisian suit (very limited to keep it exclusive) will make you really stand out from the crowd and looks brilliant if you choose bold accessories to dress it up with. Try using the acid colour waistcoats or matching your partner’s colour scheme.

Fancy a completely different approach? You could always try kilt hire! If you've got the legs for it, you could look fantastic - and you don't have to be Scottish either - anyone can wear one - provided they are cool enough to carry it off. There are lots of different tartans available for kilt hire. Here at DAPPER we act as agents for some of the largest highland kilt hire companies in the UK and we can have kilt outfits in stock for you in a matter of only a couple of days. If you want to see a more complete range of highland styles and kilt tartans available through DAPPER, just click on the following links to our supplier’s websites. Anything you see on these sites is available through your local DAPPER branch.

Special Occasions
Cameron Ross
Highland Hire

And finally, a note for the ladies: 

If you are left to sort out your man's formal wear for him (it does happen!), here are a few simple steps to make him into the man of your dreams: 

  1. Have a good look through our website  and decide how you want him to look.
  2. Tell him that you cannot resist a man in a suit (or a kilt), and you go weak at the knees at just the thought of seeing him all dressed up.
  3. Point him towards your nearest DAPPER branch! In fact, go with him, drag him inside and make sure he orders exactly what you want him to wear.

Just make him think it’s all his own idea! 


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